Elliot C. Elliotson
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 16
Occupation High School Student
Voiced by Kitty0706
First Elliot is Late for Work

Elliot C. Elliotson is the main protagonist of the Elliot Goes to School series, and is voiced by Kitty0706. He first appeared in "Elliot is Late for Work".


Elliot is Late for WorkEdit

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Elliot Goes to SchoolEdit

Elliot is first seen in his room, waking up for the first day of his Sophomore year in High School. He makes himself some coffee and watches television for a minute until he realized that he was late for school after remembering that he has to be in his homeroom class no later than 8 am.

He clumsily rides his bike to school, taking a few short cuts which involved him jumping off of a building with his bike and landing on a random pedestrian. He arrives to school barely on-time, entering Mr. Cool's class before he took attendance. When Mr. Cool called Elliot's name, Elliot rambled on about nothing for a long period of time until a random student threw a shoe at him, telling him to "Shut up". Brandon then point that he Elliot was Elliot, but his real name is Colin, but refers to him as Elliot.

Pep RalliesEdit

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Field TripsEdit

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Elliot Goes CampingEdit

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Elliot is shown as a bit of a trouble-making slacker, and also tends to make unfunny jokes. He seems to be the rival of the high-pitched Brandon, and is one of the students of Mr. Cool and Mr. Higglesworth. Him being a fictionalized animation, he has the abilities to do inhuman things, such as flail wildly in the air, and perform a spinning handstand on a skateboard.



  • According to Brandon, Elliot's real name is Colin.
  • Elliot's full name was revealed in Elliot Goes Camping as Elliot C. Elliotson.
  • In the first episode of the series, he was seen to have a thoroughly illustrated mustache and beard, but it has now been changed to just a goatee.
  • In Elliot is Late for Work, he has a squeaky voice.